Website redesign, and new blog directions

Marguerite Gerard lady reading

I have to express again my gratitude for your input in the redesign of this blog and my website. For the latter, see how I picked this lady absorbed in her reading for the From unpublished to published section, and the wonderful Boilly for the Contact & Blog section. Now the site has been optimized and should load much faster, and you can begin to browse in the For the King section. It is unfinished but there is an excerpt of the novel there already…

But now there is a new twist: a member of Historical Fiction Online (by the way if you are at all interested in that genre and are not yet a member, you should sign up there) has made a bold suggestion. Bolder than anything I had envisioned, but I think it has a great deal of potential. It would be, while keeping the current look, to offer the posts in a format much closer to what you find in news blogs, such as Slate of the Huffington Post, among many others.

For instance, my last post recapped four older posts on seasonal topics: Mardi Gras, Ash Wednesday and Lent. Instead of just linking to those, this new format would allow me to have all four entries on the home page of the blog, just as you would find different articles on the home page of a newspaper.

This would not, by the way, affect the blue background and the header picture of La Conciergerie, which I love, and which seem to please you as well. Yet it would revolutionize (ah!) the presentation of the middle part of the site by allowing several articles there at the same time.

The downside, apart of course from your possible disapproval, would be the cost of a complete customization of the template. My web designer has not yet given me the bad news, and I won’t pursue it if there is no enthusiasm on your part.

Is this only a vanity project? Or would it be a real plus to the reader? What do you think?

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