Versailles, courtesy of Google’s Art Project

Yes, I know, this is old news, but would this blog still deserve its name of Versailles and more if I failed to mention that Google’s Art Project, which features some of the foremost museums in the world, allows its viewers to discover the Palace of Versailles and what may be its most famous painting, the lifesize portrait of Marie-Antoinette and her children by Louise-Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun?

On the Palace of Versailles link, please make sure you use the Navigate Floor Plan feature, to the right of the screen. It will take you on a tour of the Grands Appartements (sans the habitual throngs of fellow visitors that can make it reminiscent of the metro at rush hour, and also, I am sure, the pre-revolutionary palace in its heyday.)

As for the portrait of Marie-Antoinette, you can explore the painting in amazing detail, far more so than during an actual visit of Versailles. I am working on a post dedicated to Madame Vigee-Lebrun’s masterpiece, and can’t wait to share my thoughts about it.

I tried various browsers for this, and (surprise…) found that Google Chrome allows for the best experience. Enjoy your visit!


Marie-Antoinette and her children, by Elisabeht Vigee-Lebrun


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