Update on interviews, guest posts, reviews…

This is an incredibly busy time. Mistress of the Revolution has finally hit bookstore shelves on the West Coast, and its promotion is in full swing.

New reviews have come up in The Book Connection, Romance Junkies, Book Fetish and Dear Author. Truth be told, I was a bit afraid of the latter, because Jayne can be a tough reviewer. It turns out, though, that she has very nice (and insightful) things to say about my novel. I like the second-person style of her articles. It invites a dialog between the reviewer and the author. My comments are posted there as well.

Also, thanks to Associated Press, reviews of Mistress of the Revolution have now appeared in the San Jose Mercury News, the Detroit Free Press, the Salt Lake Tribune and the Springfield News-Leader.

I wrote a guest post for The Story Behind the Book and did written interviews with Fiction Scribe and The Book Connection.

Finally, I had my two first radio interviews today, with Dallas Book Diva and Smith & Riley. I was nervous at first, but everyone was so kind, and the questions were so interesting, and then I love to talk. I will let you know when the podcasts are posted. Then you can listen to my French accent…

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