Toujours Libérer, the French Revolution role-playing game

For more information on Toujours Libérer (Always to free, in French.) I invite you to visit this site. Here is the description of the game:

It is slash-friendly [oh good, I was a bit worried about that] … Play as any European nationality or an American
observer, as a poet, politician or aristocrat. Even a serving maid.
[fancy that: this game is open to the lower classes!] Will your
character escape France and resettle in England or will they help French
aristos to escape? Will they betray their ex-employers or will they risk all to
keep them safe?

Note the subtext: the revolutionaries are people who “betray” their former masters. The insolence, the depravity of the rabble! I guess the political reference here is The Scarlet Pimpernel.

If you want to join in the fun, there is a “Character Wishlist:”

We would dearly love some revolutionaries [no wonder there are no applicants, given the job description] a few servants, and some non-French
characters. Some foppish poets, some soldiery, disillusioned priests, maids,
criminals, and other characters along these lines would also be welcome. We
have a full quota of mistresses and prostitutes and so will not be excepting
[sic] any more of these sorts of character.

So there you have it: a Revolution lacking in revolutionaries, but with a full quota of mistresses. I guess it’s too late for poor Gabrielle to apply: she wouldn’t be excepted…

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