The hidden face of Versailles, and the apartments of Mesdames

In Versailles sculptures and original plaster casts quietly decay, far from the public eye. Thanks to Didiier Rykner for rescuing these Ghosts of Versailles from oblivion in the Art Tribune. Yes, this is indeed Louis XVI’s face under the plastic wrap. If only a fraction of the money spent on the literally dazzling new gates had been allocated to sorely needed conservation efforts…

On a happier note, I want to call your attention to the fact that the apartments of Mesdames, daughters of Louis XV, are open to the public on summer week-ends only. This is your chance to see where they lived at Versailles, on the ground floor with a beautiful view of the park, and admire the originals of many of the portraits reproduced on my series on the princesses. Here is one of my favorites, Madame Henriette by Nattier.

Madame Henriette de France Nattier

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