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Website redesign, and new blog directions

I have to express again my gratitude for your input in the redesign of this blog and my website. For the latter, see how I picked this lady absorbed in her reading for the From unpublished to published section, and the wonderful Boilly for the Contact & Blog section. Now the site has been optimized […]

Die Braut des Jakobiners Catherine Delors

Book promotion, Die Braut des Jakobiners, foreign rights and various updates

As you probably know, many traditional media have cut down on their book review sections (sad, it was always the first section I read in my Sunday paper). Fortunately for writers and readers alike, literary bloggers have stepped in. We now have many more outlets, run, often without any expectation of profit, by people who […]

Website redesign: reader input wanted!

It is time for me to update my website, for the July release of my new novel, For the King. For the content I will include, as I had done for Mistress of the Revolution, an excerpt, a bibliography, a Q&A session and a book club section. That’s the easy part. Now, about the […]