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Vinci The_Virgin_and_Child_with_St_Anne

The Virgin and Child, with St. Anne, by Leonardo Da Vinci

To celebrate Mother’s Day, a Leonardo, The Virgin and Child, with Saint Anne. So here we have two mothers: the Blessed Virgin, of course, and her own mother, Saint Anne. You may admire the masterpiece at Le Louvre. At Leonardo’s death, the painting (oil on wood) was purchased by his last and most devoted patron, […]

Jan Gossaert: Virgin and child

Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate the occasion, Virgin and Child, by Jan Gossaert, alias Jan Mabuse, or Jean de Maubeuge. It belongs to the collections of the Prado, in Madrid, but you can now admire it at The National Gallery of London, in the context of the magnificent exhibition dedicated to the painter. Gossaert stays away from traditional, static […]