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Encore Venice

Yes, I found the teensy cable that allows me to download my pictures into my laptop. So here they are! I left out the “big” views, which I think are so well represented by the Canalettos (Canaletti?) I used on my first and second posts. Of course when I look at these pictures, I can’t wait […]

Canaletto Venice Ducal Palace

Canaletto’s Venice today…

A reader asked whether Venice would be the setting of one of my future novels. No, I do not believe so at this point, though you never know… I must warn you that you won’t find in this post any of the photos I took there. Oh, I would gladly share them with you, but […]

Three days in Venice

Yes, I know, I am very fortunate: I am leaving tonight for a three-day (much deserved, if I may say so) vacation in Venice. I have not been there in twenty years and, though I do not believe the city has changed much, I certainly have. Will I be as dazzled as last time? Will […]