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Imperial wedding: Napoléon and Marie-Louise

First, let us put things in their 1810 context. After his victory at Wagram in 1809, Napoléon is in a position to force Austria to sign a humiliating peace treaty. The French Empire has never been so powerful: it extends all over continental Europe, but the Emperor still has no heir and Joséphine’s day as […]


The Salon of the Grand Couvert at Versailles: the room where Marie-Antoinette did not have dinner

Another Versailles update: the Salon of the Grand Couvert has been restored to its past splendor, as part of the ongoing refurbishment of the entire palace. The Salon of the Grand Couvert is part of the Queen’s Grand Apartment. Couvert means place setting in French, and this is the room where the royal couple had […]

Tuileries during the French Revolution

The 10th of August 1792: fall of the French monarchy

The 10th of August 1792 is one of the key dates of the French Revolution. Why was the populace of Paris so enraged at the King and Queen? The war on Austria had been declared a few months earlier, and had turned into a military disaster for France. The Austrians and their Prussian allies were […]

5 October 1789 Paris women march on Versailles

The Tuileries during the Revolution: the eye of the storm

As we concluded the first installment of this series, we left the Tuileries on the eve of the French Revolution as a sleepy building abandoned by the royal family for decades. The King and Court still resided at Versailles during the spring and summer of 1789, when Louis XVI summoned the Estates General, an elected […]

Tuileries 17th century

The Tuileries: the tragic destiny of a royal palace

Nowadays the name Tuileries evokes the formal gardens that follow the Seine River from the Louvre to the Place de la Concorde. A spot beloved of Parisians and tourists alike, offering one of the most beautiful vistas in Paris, and in my opinion in the world. But there used to be something more there: a […]

The 10th of August 1792: the fall of the French monarchy

The 10th of August 1792 is one of the key dates of the French Revolution. Over the three years that had followed Bastille Day, the uneasy cohabitation between Louis XVI and the revolutionaries had slowly disintegrated. The attempt of the royal family in 1791 to flee to the Austrian border had ended in failure. Overnight […]