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Marie-Antoinette and lilac

One of the joys of the month of May is the sight and fragrance of lilac blossoms. Lilacs adorned the gardens of Versailles and Trianon. They had been great favorites with Louis XIV, and Marie-Antoinette enjoyed them no less in her private domain of Trianon. She liked them so much that, when it came to […]

Mark your calendars: “Le Diner des Chefs” at Versailles on September 17

The venue is Le Grand Trianon, the more intimate and (relatively) modest palace built within the grounds of Versailles by Louis XIV, who wanted to enjoy some privacy away from the Court. The place should not be confused with Le Petit Trianon, built by Louis XV for Madame de Pompadour and later presented to Marie-Antoinette […]