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14th of May 1610: assassination of King Henri IV

Henri was known as le bon Roy, the good King. I found memoirs of the Revolution in which he is mentioned, almost 200 years after his death, as “the only king whose memory the people of France have treasured.” When the royal tombs at the Abbey of Saint-Denis were destroyed in 1793, an eyewitness reports […]

Marie Antoinette St Denis

Marie-Antoinette at Saint-Denis

A follow-up on my my prior post on the Chapelle Expiatoire, thanks to a pertinent question by Penny: are the funeral monuments of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette at the Basilica of Saint-Denis good likenesses of the royal couple? First it should be noted that the monuments date from the Restoration of the Bourbons, almost forty […]

Chapelle Expiatoire Paris

La Chapelle Expiatoire, and Marie-Antoinette’s smile

I read this morning in the papers that the corpses of the late King and Queen of France, by order of their brother, the restored Louis the Eighteenth, were exhumed from their grave in the former graveyard of La Madeleine, which has since become a private garden. The remains were removed with royal honours to […]