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The latest buzz on Mistress of the Revolution

I am back from Venice, and I will soon post about it. Yes, Venice remains a wonder, a delight to the senses, a history lover’s dream come true. More later… After three days of absence, I was thrilled to see that cyberspace has not forgotten my heroine Gabrielle. Two bloggers who have not yet finished […]

RomanReview on YouTube

I discovered this video review, continued on this segment on YouTube. In this great review, Roman Griffen says that Mistress of the Revolution is “writing as it should be” and recommends that, if you buy one book in 2008, this should be it. Thank you so much, Roman! And from now on we shall have […]

Romance Novel TV: Mistress of the Revolution a “wonderful epic novel”

This great review was brought to me this morning by a Google Alert. Here is what Mayra David has to say: “Right from the opening sentences… Gabrielle De Montserrat became a living and breathing person to me… From Coffinhal to Marie-Antoinette, and even Mme. Tussaud, Catherine Delors’ narrative is full and vibrant with authentic, historic […]


Gerald Everett Jones: “Mistress of the Revolution” a mistressful story of class struggle and sexual politics

I met fellow writer Gerald Everett Jones at Goodreads, just a few weeks before my book signing at Dutton’s Brentwood. He lives in Los Angeles, and had had events there himself, so he gave me helpful pointers. And he agreed to read my book. Gerald writes nonfiction, most recently on the subject of digital movie […]

New reviews: Tea at Trianon, A Striped Armchair

These two reviews are very dear to my heart because they come from very different blogs, both of which I like and respect a great deal. A Striped Armchair is the blog of a brilliant young woman by the name of Eva. She spent much of her life abroad, has a passionate interest in international […]

A new review at Booking Mama AND my book trailer!!!

Dorothy, of Pump Up Your Book Promotion, put together a book trailer, which you can watch on YouTube. Please view it, comment on it, favorite it… And to see the new review of Mistress of the Revolution, follow the link to Booking Mama for the full text. Thanks, Julie, for this great review!

The challenges of writing historical fiction, and more thanks

I explain at Storycrafters what it means to me to write historical fiction. J. Kaye, of J. Kaye’s Book Blog, wrote a great review of Mistress of the Revolution, and put it in the No. 1 spot of her Spring Reading Challenge. Thanks, J. Kaye! And many thanks as well to The Dark Phantom for […]

Historical Tapestry reviews Mistress of the Revolution

My heart stopped when I read the first sentence: “This was a difficult review to write.” Oh, no, I thought, Ana hated it! But I breathed a sigh of relief as soon as I read on: “I enjoyed the book very much and I wanted to do it justice but sometimes there are so many […]

Update on interviews, guest posts, reviews…

This is an incredibly busy time. Mistress of the Revolution has finally hit bookstore shelves on the West Coast, and its promotion is in full swing. New reviews have come up in The Book Connection, Romance Junkies, Book Fetish and Dear Author. Truth be told, I was a bit afraid of the latter, because Jayne […]

Mistress of the Revolution: reviews and interviews

Many thanks to those bloggers who have given me an opportunity to recount what it has been to write Mistress of the Revolution and get the novel published. You can find these guest posts and interviews on the following sites: Dear AuthorDivine CarolineBeyond the BooksVirtual Wordsmith So far Mistress of the Revolution has been reviewed […]