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Goyas ghosts

Goya’s Ghosts, by Miloš Forman

The theme is the great painter Goya, the director is Academy Award winner Miloš Forman (Amadeus, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest), the stars are Natalie Portman and Javier Bardem, the film was shot on location in Spain. I had read middling reviews, but my expectations were high when I saw it last summer in […]

Another review of Mistress of the Revolution at Lucy Pick Books, and musings on historical fiction subgenres

Lucy had mentioned on her blog that she had purchased Mistress of the Revolution, and now she posted her review. “It’s not the story of the revolution,” she writes, “but rather the story of the minor noble Gabrielle de Montserrat, and it is her experiences and reactions that remain paramount. I think this is a […]

My Inflatable Friend, by Gerald Everett Jones: a bittersweet novel of Los Angeles

Well, the title is not my favorite thing about this novel. Neither is the cover art, which may explain why you won’t see it there. So when Gerald handed me his book, with a few words of explanation about boychik lit, my heart sank. I pictured hormone-addled young men downing entire kegs of beer in […]

A new review of Mistress of the Revolution at Enchanting Reviews

Here is the link. Well, this reviewer seems to have really enjoyed my novel, and gives it a grade of 4.5. “In addition to detailed descriptions of living conditions, cuisine, and clothes,” she says, “the social customs, class structure, and plight of women are exquisitely displayed through the narrative.” Thank you so much, Asa! I […]

And yet another review at Van Gogh’s Chair

When I said those reviews kept coming my way! I just discovered this one, titled France in Fiction, by Sheramy at Van Gogh’s Armchair. My Google Alerts were apparently asleep at the wheel and didn’t warn me of its existence, as they should have. I simply stumbled upon it while visiting Sheramy’s blog, as I […]

Those reviews keep coming: Sibylle on Mistress of the Revolution, and a word about historical fiction

Sibylle, in her blog dares you not to fall in love with my heroine Gabrielle. “She’s very intelligent, strong with lots of integrity. I wish I had her courage. The book is also excellent in that it shows how important information is in times of political troubles : Gabrielle (whom I kept picturing as the […]

A new review of Mistress of the Revolution at Cottage Way of Life

Many thanks to Sue at Cottage Way of Life for this wonderful review. Here what she says: “I was turning each page as fast as I could read it. As with any book I enjoy, I couldn’t put Mistress of the Revolution. When it was done, and despite the horrors of the French Revolution, I […]

A new review (and a mosaic!) at Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff

Thanks to Daphne at Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff for a great review of Mistress of the Revolution, which she rates “very good.” And Daphne also made a mosaic of my book cover. Beautiful! Daphne has another blog, Tanzanite’s Book Covers, to which I often repair when I am in need of cheering up. Check out […]

A new review: Dani Torres at A Work in Progress (and a tribute to Jane Austen)

Dani posted a wonderful review of Mistress of the Revolution on her blog. She writes that she was “completely swept up in the drama of the French Revolution” and that I had her “as fast as any edge-of-your-seat thriller with the added bonus of very good writing rich in historical details.” Dani picked up in […]

Rosina Lippi (Sara Donati) on the research that went into Mistress of the Revolution

Fellow author Rosina Lippi, known to historical fiction fans as Sara Donati for her acclaimed Into the Wilderness series, writes in her blog about Mistress of the Revolution and calls it “a great success.” Apparently, one of the things that drew Rosina to my novel was the Resources page on my website. Indeed the French […]