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The latest buzz on Mistress of the Revolution

I am back from Venice, and I will soon post about it. Yes, Venice remains a wonder, a delight to the senses, a history lover’s dream come true. More later… After three days of absence, I was thrilled to see that cyberspace has not forgotten my heroine Gabrielle. Two bloggers who have not yet finished […]

What I did (and am still doing) to promote Mistress of the Revolution

Please remember my book signing (with champagne!) at Dutton’s tonight at 7 pm. Dutton’s Brentwood11975 San Vicente Blvd.Los Angeles, CA 90049310-476-6263 Also, I was interviewed by Paperback Writer. Finally, here is an article of mine, titled What I did to promote Mistress of the Revolution, that was just published by Book Marketing Buzz. When I […]

Back in LA, and Mistress of the Revolution giveaway is ON!

I had a busy time in New York. So many things to discuss with Julie Doughty, my editor, and Amanda Walker, my publicist: fine-tuning the promotion of Mistress of the Revolution, scheduling the publication of my second novel, For the King (March 2009), plans for Book 3… And also more people to meet at Dutton. […]

How Mistress of the Revolution got published: My First Sale at

Oh, how I hated to displace Poussin‘s Summer from the top spot of this blog! But that’s the way of all posts: they move down the line as time goes by. And I couldn’t wait to tell you about the First Sale post I wrote for Check out that site. It contains first-person accounts […]

Demystifying publishing jargon: “galleys”

If anyone had mentioned galleys to me a year ago, I would have thought of ancient ships powered by oarsmen, Ben-Hur style. But one year is a long time. Now I know better. In the publishing world, galleys, or uncorrected proofs, or advance reading copies, or ARCs, are created by the publisher months before the […]