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Pauline Bonaparte by Robert Lefevre

Napoléon and Pauline Bonaparte: incest?

Researching For The King entailed delving more than once into the Memoirs of Joseph Fouché, Duc d’Otrante, Napoléon’s Minister of General Police (and many other things besides.) Here is what Fouché has to say about Pauline: Of Napoléon’s three sisters, Elisa, Caroline et Pauline, the latter, famous for her allurements, was the one of whom […]

Pauline Bonaparte Flora Fraser

A biography of Pauline Bonaparte, by Flora Fraser

Flora Fraser is the daughter of Lady Antonia Fraser, author of the best-selling biography of Marie-Antoinette and the stepdaughter of the late Harold Pinter. So writing runs in that family. I came across this New York Times review of the book. Actually it is more a summary than a true review since the author of […]