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Napoleon Marie Louise Marriage Rouget

Notorious Royal Marriages: Napoléon and Marie-Louise

I am beginning to see many Valentine’s Day posts on the blogosphere… This one by Arleigh at, via Tea at Trianon, stands out by the amount of work, and knowledge of the field of historical fiction, that went into it. Yes, blogging is a labor of love. As for me, with your permission, I […]

gargoyle watching over Paris

Notre-Dame gargoyles watching over Paris

I found this post at Environmental Graffiti fascinating. Paris changes, the gargoyles keep on watching over the city. In my second novel, For The King, my protagonist, Roch Miquel, climbs the towers of Notre-Dame upon his arrival in Paris and and discovers a bird’s eye view of the capital. An experience he will never forget. […]

Notre-Dame de Paris

Whenever I speak to my English friends of my homesickness, they seem to imagine that it is a general feeling of loss. They are novices in terms of bereavement. To me homesickness is the recurrence, without warning or apparent reason, of a precise image of my country. It changes from time to time. These days, […]