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Website redesign, and new blog directions

I have to express again my gratitude for your input in the redesign of this blog and my website. For the latter, see how I picked this lady absorbed in her reading for the From unpublished to published section, and the wonderful Boilly for the Contact & Blog section. Now the site has been optimized […]

Marguerite Gerard Madame Ledoux and daughters

A follow-up on the Marguerite Gérard exhibition

Following my prior post on Marguerite Gérard, I wish to call your attention to this article in The Art Tribune on the current exhibition at the Musée Cognacq-Jay, In addition to Didier Rykner’s comments, always pertinent, you can admire more of Mademoiselle Gérard’s diminutive portraits, here that of Madame Ledoux and her daughters. Enjoy!

Marguerite Gerard exhibition

Marguerite Gérard, painter in 1789

Marguerite Gérard (1761-1837) is remembered, when she is remembered at all, as the sister-in-law, student and collaborator of the great Jean-Honoré Fragonard. She was also an extremely successful painter in her own right, to the point where her fame eclipsed that of her brother-in-law from the 1780s on. Then after her death Mademoiselle Gérard fell […]