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Josephine wine carafe

Empress Joséphine’s Wine Cellar

The idea for this exhibition, now over, said the press release, came from the inventory drawn up after the death of the Empress Josephine which listed the contents of the cellar at Malmaison – over 13,000 bottles. The list of wines served to guests in the house is striking for the number of crus mentioned […]

Hydrangea Redoute

Hydrangeas, Queen Hortense, the Hortensia Diamond

My thanks go to Felio, a reader of this blog, who is a florist by trade and gave me the idea of flower-themed posts. The first that came to mind were hydrangeas, because my paternal grandmother, gardener extraordinaire, used to grow them in the mountains of Auvergne. Needless to say, they are not hardy enough […]

Calliope Collection of Josephine

Joséphine’s antiques

I had missed the exhibition titled De Pompéi à Malmaison, les antiques de Joséphine, at Malmaison and only discovered its existence today thanks to a poster in the metro! Joséphine Bonaparte purchased the Château of Malmaison, a few miles west of Paris, in 1799, only months before her husband seized power and became First Consul. […]