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Imperial wedding: Napoléon and Marie-Louise

First, let us put things in their 1810 context. After his victory at Wagram in 1809, Napoléon is in a position to force Austria to sign a humiliating peace treaty. The French Empire has never been so powerful: it extends all over continental Europe, but the Emperor still has no heir and Joséphine’s day as […]

Vivant Denon Lefevre

Denon and the Louvre

Thanks to Ellen at Eighteenth Century Worlds for bringing to our attention an article in the New York Review of Books on Dominique Vivant Denon. It is quite interesting in spite of a few errors (the painter Jacques-Louis David did not enjoy “an excellent standing with the Jacobins”, he was one of the foremost Jacobins […]

Vigee Lebrun Caroline Bonaparte Madame Murat

Painting Caroline Bonaparte’s portrait, by Madame Vigée-Lebrun

Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun is best remembered today for being Marie-Antoinette’s favorite portraitist. In fact her career went on for decades, with unabated success, after she left France in October 1789, at the very beginning of the French Revolution. For years Madame Lebrun traveled to Italy, Germany, England and Russia, where she enjoyed the patronage of the […]

Velasquez Infanta Margarita

Paris exhibitions: an overview of the Fall 2008 season

Thanks to Sheramy at Van Gogh’s Chair for her Fall Exhibition Roundup. For Paris, Sheramy mentions Mystery and Glitter: Pastels in the Musée d’Orsay, from October 8, 2008 to February 1, 2009. This should indeed be wonderful. Also noteworthy at Orsay: Picasso/Manet: Le déjeuner sur l’herbe (a tie-up with the major Picasso show at the […]

For fans of Egyptian history (and Michelle Moran)

A few days ago I was visiting the Louvre with my Mom and we were admiring the extraordinary Egyptian Antiquities Department there. One of my favorite places in the museum is the suite of Charles X rooms. Collections of Egyptian art, dating back thousands of years, displayed in a gorgeous 1820s Egyptian-style setting, especially designed […]

French paintings in New York: Poussin at the Met

When I visited the French Paintings Department of the Louvre a few weeks ago, I looked for one of my favorites there, the beautiful set of the four seasons by Poussin. Alas, it was incomplete. Summer, or Ruth and Boaz, was missing. Summer had already crossed the Atlantic and can be admired  until May 11 […]