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Marie Antoinette Liotard

The Infanta Queen, the Lisbon Earthquake and Marie-Antoinette

A follow-up on my post on Marie-Anne-Victoire. There are at least two connections between the Infanta Queen and Marie-Antoinette. First, the Queen of Portugal and her husband, King Joseph I, were godparents to the little Archduchess. Of course, this did not mean that they would have attended the baptism and later acted as spiritual guides […]

Marie Anne Victoire Belle

Marie-Anne-Victoire, the Infanta-Queen: Louis XV’s little fiancée

This marriage, like all royal unions of the time, was prompted by political and diplomatic concerns. Infanta Mariana Victoria, age three, was the daughter of King Philip V of Spain, himself grandson of Louis XIV, the Sun King. When negotiations began for her marriage to her eleven-year old cousin Louis XV, the groom was rumored […]