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Marie-Antoinette and lilac

One of the joys of the month of May is the sight and fragrance of lilac blossoms. Lilacs adorned the gardens of Versailles and Trianon. They had been great favorites with Louis XIV, and Marie-Antoinette enjoyed them no less in her private domain of Trianon. She liked them so much that, when it came to […]

A lilac update

Sadly lilacs are gone already, and every year I mourn their passing.  But wait! I hear that a new new cultivar, by the name of Bloomerang, is out, and hold on: after its spring flowering, it reblooms through summer, apparently until the first frosts. It is available from White Flower Farm (or rather was, because it is sold […]

Lilac in History

Lilacs are in full bloom these days. Ah, their colors, from snowy white to deep purple, their fragrance, their graceful shapes, from shrubs to full-grown trees… All the more reason to recommend this post at Weave a Garland of My Vows (don’t you love that title?) Lilacs were a favorite of Marie-Antoinette too, and she […]

Eugenie Holding Louis Napoleon Winterhalter

Marie-Antoinette and Eugénie: the Queen and the Empress

Empress Eugénie felt a deep connection between her own destiny and that of Marie-Antoinette. Eugénie’ father was a Spanish grandee. Her maternal ancestry was less aristocratic: her maternal grandfather was a Scottish wine merchant who had settled in Malaga, in Southern Spain. Her mother, the Countess de Montijo, traveled to France and England after her […]