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In search of the true Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc, or Jehanne d’Arc, died at the stake on the 30th of May 1431. This Sunday if the 579th anniversary of her death, as well as her Feast.  Every year, I try to write a post on this blog to honor her. I say “try” because any words I could find are inadequate […]

Pentecost, current events and more Jehanne

Today, Pentecost Monday, the news in France is all about the loss of the Rio-Paris flight in mid-Atlantic. What happened? A newer aircraft, an experienced captain, and yet hundreds of dead, including several little children and one baby. Let us hope that nothing more sinister than a horrible mishap was at work. I cannot keep […]

Joan of Arc Lenepveu Pantheon

Joan of Arc at the Panthéon

Today we celebrate her Feast, in commemoration of her death at the stake on May 30, 1431, at the age of 19. For a brief and necessarily inadequate account of Jehanne’s extraordinary life, I refer you to this prior post.  This year I was wondering how to honor a woman whose memory has remained so […]

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc: military leader, national heroine and Saint

Thanks to Elena Maria Vidal for her beautiful post on the Maiden of Orléans. Indeed today we celebrate her holiday. Like every other French child, I learned about Jeanne d’Arc in elementary school. Of all the characters I encountered in the course of my history lessons, she was the one who left the strongest impression […]