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For the king

For the King: giveaway at the Francophilia Gazette

Five copies, no less! Check out this wonderful site, which invites you to frenchify your life (always a good idea, needless to say.) For the giveaway rules, see here

AE Instant History Expert French Revolution

A giveaway: win the entire A&E Instant History Expert series

A&E Home Entertainment has just released a new line of six titles – HISTORY INSTANT EXPERT, offering “on-the-spot knowledge to students and lifelong learners on a wide variety of topics. Each DVD has bonus features – quizzes, study guides, activities and more.” Here is more information on each title, provided by A&E: FRENCH REVOLUTION: The […]


Napoléon and Joséphine in 1800

An interesting couple if ever there was one… Bonaparte then is not the portly man we have come to associate with traditional Napoleonic imagery. He has not yet crowned himself Emperor of the French, but he has seized power a year earlier in a bloodless coup. In 1800 he is the First Consul, a reference […]

Claude and Camille Stephanie Cowell

Claude and Camille giveaway: and the winner is…

Esme, who is in for a treat, the great love story of Claude and Camille Monet.

Monet Women in garden

My search for Monet’s great love Camille, a guest post by Stephanie Cowell. And a giveaway!

As promised, Stephanie Cowell‘s guest post! —————————————————- The grave was overgrown, the headstone worn and tumbled when you used to walk through the graveyard of the old church of Vétheuil in search of Monet’s muse and first wife Camille. For a hundred and twenty years, the remains of the beautiful woman who died young had […]

Wench: the winner is…

Linda B. Congratulations! Everyone else, I will have other giveaways soon. Stay tuned…

Wench Dolen Perkins Valdez

An interview of Dolen Perkins-Valdez, author of Wench

A few years before the Civil War, in the “free” state of Ohio,Tawawa House offers respite from the summer heat. A beautiful, inviting house surrounded by a dozen private cottages, the resort is favored by wealthy Southern White men who vacation there, accompanied by their enslaved mistresses. Regular visitors Lizzie, Reenie, andSweet have forged an […]

Fairy Tale Week at Wonders & Marvels

I promise, Holly and I did not consult in advance about this, but what can I say? Great minds think alike, and we discovered that we were both posting about Charles Perrault and his fairy tales at the same time. Indeed if you call at the famous Wonders and Marvels blog, Holly is having a […]

Sunflowers giveaway: and the winner is…

Here is the email I received from Sheramy this morning: “I wrote everybody’s names on a piece of paper and drew randomly for maximum fairness. And I picked Allie the Hist-Fic Chick!” Congratulations, Allie, an autographed copy of Sunflowers, Sheramy’s beautiful debut novel, will be on its way to you! Everyone else, many thanks for entering […]

Sheramy Bundrick

Interview of Sheramy Bundrick, author of Sunflowers

Sheramy, welcome back to Versailles and more, and thank you for your beautiful guest post on Van Gogh’s Montmartre. Thank you for having me! In your acknowledgments, you recount how Sunflowers began with a walk at Auvers-sur-Oise, where Van Gogh lived and died. Then you have a separate note about places: not only Auvers, but […]