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Marie-Antoinette souvenirs at auction

These dainty pink and green silk shoes belonged to Marie-Antoinette. They sold yesterday for 62,460 euros, almost $82,000, at auction in Paris. They are a French size 36 1/2 (6.5 in the US.) According to the auctioneer’s information, they were presented to the Queen by Alexandre-Bernard Ju-Des-Rets, gentleman of her household, at Versailles in 1775. A pink […]


1800 hair fashions: the cadenettes

Some characters in For the King, including the would-be assassin Pierre de Saint-Régent, wear cadenettes. What were they? They consisted in two side braids worn in front of the ears, while the rest of the hair was gathered in two more braids behind the ears. Those were tied on the nape to form a queue. […]

18th century fashion doll

An 18th century fashion ambassadress

This may look like the other costumes displayed at this year’s Court Pomp and Ceremony exhibition at Versailles. But this picture is deceptive: this is in fact but a half-size model of a French court gown. Ordinary fine ladies, unlike the royal family of Sweden, could not rely on their own ambassadors to keep informed […]

18th century male court costume

18th century court costume: the male side

Well, my post on 18th century court costume was one of my most successful, and I could not help noticing that it attracted comments from gentlemen readers. Yet it only featured one set of male clothes, the astonishing wedding suit of the Crown Prince of Sweden, future King Gustaf III. So the idea came naturally […]

18th century court gown

18th century court costume and Marie-Antoinette

I saw the Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony exhibition at Versailles on its closing day last June and would have hated to miss it. My expectations were very high, and yet I could not help being somewhat disappointed, not by the quality of the objects on display, which were magnificent, but by their scarcity. I […]

Versailles: an update on the update

Very briefly, to supplement my prior post. First, Ingrid at Fashion is My Muse informs us that to the famous Court dress, which may have belonged to Marie-Antoinette, at the Royal Ontario Museum is on its way to Versailles for the upcoming Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony: Court Dress in Europe, 1650-1800 exhibition, from March […]

Marie Antoinette wedding

18th century bridal attire

A question that crops up once in a while. As often on this blog we will refer to the Memoirs of the Marquise de La Tour du Pin, who was married in the 1780s and thus recalls her wedding day: Let us not forget the bride’s attire. It was very simple. I had a dress […]

Eugenie and her ladies 1855 Winterhalter

Empire of the crinolines

The Empire in question is the Second Empire, the reign (1852-1870) of Napoléon III and Eugénie. This exhibition at the Palais Galliéra, the City of Paris’s fashion museum, gives us a glimpse at a brilliant, vital, corrupt, prosperous, and ultimately disastrous era of French history. As noted in a prior post, Eugénie admired and wished […]

18th century shoes LACMA

18th century shoes

Another great post by Judith at Paris Atelier. A place I never had chance to visit, but really want to see is the Bata Shoe Museum in Toronto. Some day…

18h century dress Lacma

18th century costumes at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art recently acquired a collection of 250 pieces, including many 18th century items, to expand its Costume and Textiles Department, which you can browse online. More details here. Unfortunately these new acquisitions, which are supposed to put LACMA  on a par with the Met in this regard, are not […]