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Fairy Tale Week at Wonders & Marvels

I promise, Holly and I did not consult in advance about this, but what can I say? Great minds think alike, and we discovered that we were both posting about Charles Perrault and his fairy tales at the same time. Indeed if you call at the famous Wonders and Marvels blog, Holly is having a […]

Charles Perrault

Monsieur Perrault and his fairy tales

You seem to have enjoyed my Halloween Cinderella, which, added to my own inclination to do so, is reason enough to dedicate a series of posts to Perrault’s fairytales. But first we should meet the author. Charles Perrault was born in Paris in 1628 into a family of wealthy bourgeois. As befitted his status, he […]

Gustave Dore Cinderella

Perrault’s Cendrillon

About an excerpt of Charles Perrault’s Cendrillon, illustrated here by Gustave Doré? You know the story, of course. Cendrillon, morally abandoned by her father and treated as a servant by her stepmother, is crying her eyes out at home. Her stepsisters, in their best finery, are gone to the Prince’s ball. But Cendrillon’s godmother appears […]