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Marguerite Gerard exhibition

Marguerite Gérard, painter in 1789

Marguerite Gérard (1761-1837) is remembered, when she is remembered at all, as the sister-in-law, student and collaborator of the great Jean-Honoré Fragonard. She was also an extremely successful painter in her own right, to the point where her fame eclipsed that of her brother-in-law from the 1780s on. Then after her death Mademoiselle Gérard fell […]

18th century male court costume

18th century court costume: the male side

Well, my post on 18th century court costume was one of my most successful, and I could not help noticing that it attracted comments from gentlemen readers. Yet it only featured one set of male clothes, the astonishing wedding suit of the Crown Prince of Sweden, future King Gustaf III. So the idea came naturally […]

Louis XIV Bernini

Louis XIV: the man and the King

This is the theme of a new exhibition at Versailles opening on October 20. Personal tastes and public image of an extraordinary character. This should one of the great shows this fall in and around Paris. Stay tuned…

18th century court gown

18th century court costume and Marie-Antoinette

I saw the Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony exhibition at Versailles on its closing day last June and would have hated to miss it. My expectations were very high, and yet I could not help being somewhat disappointed, not by the quality of the objects on display, which were magnificent, but by their scarcity. I […]

Boudin Beach

Corot to Monet, at the National Gallery

I saw this exhibition yesterday. It is a superb retrospective of 19th century French landscape. Don’t expect much in terms of Impressionism, but what a delight to browse rooms full of the works of Corot, Diaz de la Peña, Boudin, the “master of the sky” (below, Beach at Trouville) and many lesser known artists. Hurry, […]

Van Dyck Henrietta Maria and Charles I

Van Dyck and Britain

After visiting, and immensely enjoying the Van Dyck exhibition at the Jacquemart-Andre last fall in Paris, I was anxious to see this new one in London. There was very little overlap, apart from the self-portrait of the artist reproduced at the beginning of the prior post, and the portrait of Lady Killigrew at the bottom […]

Zurbaran Still life

Treasures from the Norton Simon travel to New York

The Norton Simon is one of my favorite museums in Los Angeles, or for that matter anywhere in the world. Beautiful architecture, housing collections of European and Asian art. In particular I rank Francisco de Zurbaran’s Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose (below) among the most remarkable paintings I have ever had the […]

Versailles: an update on the update

Very briefly, to supplement my prior post. First, Ingrid at Fashion is My Muse informs us that to the famous Court dress, which may have belonged to Marie-Antoinette, at the Royal Ontario Museum is on its way to Versailles for the upcoming Court Pomp and Royal Ceremony: Court Dress in Europe, 1650-1800 exhibition, from March […]

Eugenie and her ladies 1855 Winterhalter

Empire of the crinolines

The Empire in question is the Second Empire, the reign (1852-1870) of Napoléon III and Eugénie. This exhibition at the Palais Galliéra, the City of Paris’s fashion museum, gives us a glimpse at a brilliant, vital, corrupt, prosperous, and ultimately disastrous era of French history. As noted in a prior post, Eugénie admired and wished […]

Bonaparte Egypt

Bonaparte and Egypt

I recently saw Bonaparte et l’Egypte: Feu et Lumières (“Bonaparte and Egypt: Fire and Enlightenment”) at the Institut du Monde Arabe. Ambitious title, and my expectations for this exhibition were high, but the show fell flat. So what was missing? For one thing the rooms were small, stifling the epic feeling the subject begged for. For […]