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Marie Antoinette naked miniature

Marie Antoinette naked?

Would this miniature represent the young Queen of France, only dressed in a sheer veil? This is the intriguing question begged by the superb exhibition of late 18th century miniatures at Philip Mould Gallery in London. The exhibition Miniatures from the Time of Marie Antoinette offers an exceptional opportunity to view the delicate treasures of Tansey Collection, kept […]


Marie-Antoinette’s android: the dulcimer player

I don’t quite like the term android applied to an 18th century artifact, though it was actually coined at that time. I much prefer automaton. To me, droids are more evocative of Star Wars than the Court of Versailles or the Enlightenment, but that just me… Anyway, all my thanks to my friend and fellow […]


Salvator Rosa, painter of witches, bandits and allegories

Salvator Rosa, a 17th century Italian painter, should be better known. Judge for yourself… Innovative, provocative, disturbing, haunting, macabre… one cannot remain indifferent to Salvator Rosa’s art. See for instance this allegory of Poetry. The dark palette, stark, almost neutral background, brooding expression of the model create a powerful image. So does this self-portrait of […]


Manga at Versailles: the Murakami exhibition

After the Jeff Koons exhibition in 2008, it seems that the Grands Appartements at Versailles are destined to showcase contemporary art. This fall, starting September 14, it will be the turn of Japanese artist Takashi Murakami to exhibit there. Mr. Murakami’s art, with which I was not heretofore familiar, is strongly influenced by manga and […]


Napoléon and Marie-Louise: the politics of love

This year is the bicentennial of the marriage of Napoléon Bonaparte and Archduchess Marie-Louise of Austria and, amazingly enough, this is the first time an exhibition is dedicated to dedicated to this second Empress of the French. This one is set in the palace of Compiègne, 70 miles north-east of Paris. In 1810 Napoléon was […]

Winchester Cathedral

“A building she admired so much…” Jane Austen at Winchester Cathedral

In 1817 Cassandra Austen was writing of her departed sister Jane: “Her dear remains are to be deposited in the cathedral – it is a satisfaction to me to think they are to lie in a building she admired so much.” Yesterday I visited the Cathedral, Jane’s tomb and the exhibition dedicated to her. I […]

Jane Austen

The Jane Austen exhibition at Winchester Cathedral

On the heels of the Woman’s Wit exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York closed in March, this is a new Jane Austen exhibition at Winchester Cathedral, in Hampshire. During her final bout of illness, Jane had moved to Winchester to be closer to her physician. She died there on July 18, 1817, attended […]

Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice Elizabeth reading

The last days of Jane Austen…

… at the Morgan Library. Though the end of Jane’s earthly life is evoked in this beautiful exhibition, of course. The account of her last moments, when the only yearning left was for death, the terse expression of Cassandra’s sorrow, brought tears to my eyes. I have been very remiss in not posting earlier about […]

18th century fashion doll

An 18th century fashion ambassadress

This may look like the other costumes displayed at this year’s Court Pomp and Ceremony exhibition at Versailles. But this picture is deceptive: this is in fact but a half-size model of a French court gown. Ordinary fine ladies, unlike the royal family of Sweden, could not rely on their own ambassadors to keep informed […]

Marguerite Gerard Madame Ledoux and daughters

A follow-up on the Marguerite Gérard exhibition

Following my prior post on Marguerite Gérard, I wish to call your attention to this article in The Art Tribune on the current exhibition at the Musée Cognacq-Jay, In addition to Didier Rykner’s comments, always pertinent, you can admire more of Mademoiselle Gérard’s diminutive portraits, here that of Madame Ledoux and her daughters. Enjoy!