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Vivant Denon Lefevre

Denon and the Louvre

Thanks to Ellen at Eighteenth Century Worlds for bringing to our attention an article in the New York Review of Books on Dominique Vivant Denon. It is quite interesting in spite of a few errors (the painter Jacques-Louis David did not enjoy “an excellent standing with the Jacobins”, he was one of the foremost Jacobins […]

Vigee Lebrun Caroline Bonaparte Madame Murat

Painting Caroline Bonaparte’s portrait, by Madame Vigée-Lebrun

Louise-Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun is best remembered today for being Marie-Antoinette’s favorite portraitist. In fact her career went on for decades, with unabated success, after she left France in October 1789, at the very beginning of the French Revolution. For years Madame Lebrun traveled to Italy, Germany, England and Russia, where she enjoyed the patronage of the […]