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La Conciergerie, from royal palace to revolutionary prison

I first thought of the view of the Conciergerie as a background for my website and posted it with this idea. It fits my first novel, since the heroine of Mistress of the Revolution is jailed there, and the second one, since Roch Miquel, my protagonist in For the King works at the Préfecture de […]

Website redesign: reader input wanted!

It is time for me to update my website, for the July release of my new novel, For the King. For the content I will include, as I had done for Mistress of the Revolution, an excerpt, a bibliography, a Q&A session and a book club section. That’s the easy part. Now, about the […]

Tres Riches Heures du duc de Berry Months May

May, from Les Tres Riches Heures du Duc de Berry

Better hurry, because today is already the 26th! This month went by fast, with an alternance of bitter cold, sweltering heat and thunderstorms here in Paris. Such is le joli mois de mai, the pretty month of May. Here we meet again with the courtly Limbourg brother. He chose to show us a group of […]

Marie Antoinette court dress Vigee Lebrun

Marie-Antoinette: the destiny of a Queen

The Marie-Antoinette exhibition at the Grand Palais was so vast and complex that I wanted to let my impressions settle a bit before consigning them to cyberspace. The part of Marie-Antoinette’s life that was least familiar to me was her childhood in Vienna. In this regard the exhibition does a very good job of evoking […]