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Claude and Camille Stephanie Cowell

Claude and Camille giveaway: and the winner is…

Esme, who is in for a treat, the great love story of Claude and Camille Monet.

Monet Women in garden

My search for Monet’s great love Camille, a guest post by Stephanie Cowell. And a giveaway!

As promised, Stephanie Cowell‘s guest post! —————————————————- The grave was overgrown, the headstone worn and tumbled when you used to walk through the graveyard of the old church of Vétheuil in search of Monet’s muse and first wife Camille. For a hundred and twenty years, the remains of the beautiful woman who died young had […]

Claude and Camille Stephanie Cowell

Coming tomorrow: a guest post by Stephanie Cowell, author of Claude and Camille

Whenever visiting the Musée d’Orsay in Paris, I was always struck by the deathbed portrait of Madame Monet by her husband Claude. “Pretty” pastel colors, as in many Impressionist paintings, but at the same time a sense of infinite sadness, of utter bereavement. I knew of the passionate love between Claude and Camille, his many […]