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Notre Dame de Paris

Eleanor of Aquitaine and My Love Affair with Paris

Another guest post by my friend and fellow historical novelist Christy English, whose new book, TO BE QUEEN: A NOVEL OF THE EARLY LIFE OF ELEANOR OF AQUITAINE, was just released. Heartfelt congratulations to Christy, and best wishes for this new novel of the great Alienor! ================================== I loved Paris before I ever saw it. […]

Aleanor of Aquitaine Queen of France

Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alaïs of France: a study in contrasts

I am honored to host a guest post by fellow writer Christy English, whose début novel, THE QUEEN’S PAWN, has just been released. Christy kindly agreed to tell us more about the two French princesses, Eleanor of Aquitaine and Alaïs of France, who are the protagonists of her novel.