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Louise de Kéroualle, Charles II’s French mistress: a discussion with Susan Holloway Scott

Every time I visit the Getty Center in Los Angeles, I pay a visit to the splendid portrait of Louise de Kéroualle, Duchess of Portsmouth, by Sir Peter Lely. I knew of my countrywoman Louise, royal mistress, French agent in London and one of the 17th century’s famous beauties. However, when I read Susan Holloway […]

For the King Catherine Delors

For The King: the cover

The last version of For The King was indeed the final one. We are down to the copy edits of the manuscript. All on track for the summer of of 2010. Now, on to the cover! We looked at many paintings from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but nothing seemed to work. Most […]

Mistress of the Revolution: the paperback is coming!

So my publisher tells me. It will be printed in a few days! Sometimes the paperback cover of a book can be quite different from that of the hardcover edition. This is not the case here, which suits me very well since using a detail of Fragonard’s wonderful Stolen Kiss as my first novel’s cover […]

Mistress of the Sun Sandra Gulland

An interview of Sandra Gulland, author of Mistress of the Sun

Sandra also wrote the best-selling Josephine B. trilogy. It is aprivilege to have her answer a few questions for the readers of Versailles and more. Enjoy! ************************************* – We had a few great discussions about book covers on this blog, and I couldn’t help noticing the differences between the US and Canadian covers of Mistress […]

For the King: another possible book cover

Blog reader Suzanne Levine suggested Gerard’s beautiful portrait of Madame Regnault de Saint-Angely for the cover of my second novel. So this may boil down to a choice between Madame de Saint-Angely, and the painter Isabey. Both are portraits by Gerard, and very fine works of art. Or my publisher’s designer might come up with […]

For The King book cover: the winner is…

Hands down, Gerard’s portrait of fellow painter Isabey! Thank you very, very much for your wonderful insights and suggestions. This is what the kind of exchange that makes blogging so much fun. I also tallied the emailed votes of comment-shy readers and my family’s impressions. The trend is consistent. My brother noted that there would […]

Those reviews keep coming: Sibylle on Mistress of the Revolution, and a word about historical fiction

Sibylle, in her blog dares you not to fall in love with my heroine Gabrielle. “She’s very intelligent, strong with lots of integrity. I wish I had her courage. The book is also excellent in that it shows how important information is in times of political troubles : Gabrielle (whom I kept picturing as the […]

More book covers

This time I won’t be talking about my own book covers, but about those of fellow writer Michelle Moran. Michelle is, of course, the author of the best-selling histotical novel Nerfertiti. Her forthcoming second novel, The Heretic Queen, deals with another Egyptian queen, Nefertari. She has many fascinating insights to share about her book covers […]

A new review (and a mosaic!) at Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff

Thanks to Daphne at Tanzanite’s Shelf and Stuff for a great review of Mistress of the Revolution, which she rates “very good.” And Daphne also made a mosaic of my book cover. Beautiful! Daphne has another blog, Tanzanite’s Book Covers, to which I often repair when I am in need of cheering up. Check out […]

Gerard Madame Recamier

For The King: the search for the cover is on!

I am in the process of revising For The King based on the notes of my editor, Julie Doughty. And even though my publication date is ten months away, the team at Dutton is already thinking of the cover design. As I did for the cover of Mistress of the Revolution, I sent in several […]