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For the King: officially published, blog tour, reviews, giveaways, interviews…

Yes, today’s the day! For the King is officially out. My Google Alerts are ringing all the time, with good reason: – Margaret at review – Julianne at Writing the Renaissance: review and giveaway – Ana of Aneca’s World: review – Marie of Historical Fiction Connection: review and giveaway Needless to say, you may […]


The perfect villain: Joseph Fouché, Napoléon’s Minister of Police

All thrillers, and indeed most novels, require a good villain to balance the protagonist and add tension to the plot. Historicals are no exception. When I began writing For the King, which recounts an attempt to assassinate Napoléon Bonaparte in 1800, I imagined that the perpetrators would be the obvious choice. Their crime was heinous […]