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Demolition of the Bastille by Hubert Robert

The Bastille: in the shadow of a fortress

Truth be told, I miss the Bastille. The current column that stands where the old fortress towered above passersby seems very bland by comparison. What a building the old Bastille must have been! But 18th century Parisians had a grimmer take than I on the fortress. It was used as a weapon and ammunition depot […]


The aftermath of Bastille Day: what happened after the 14th of July 1789

I can never walk by the Place de la Bastille without thinking of the mighty fortress that used to stand there. A medieval oddity at what was then the city limit. Yes, I wish the huge walls were still there, towering over me. I recounted the events of that fateful summer day of 1789 in […]

Ollivier Hunt at the chateau of L Isle-Adam

Louis XVI, the Royal Hunt and Bastille Day

When Louis XVI wrote in his diary Rien (“Nothing”) on July 14, 1789, it did not mean that the King was oblivious to the events in Paris. On the contrary he had taken measures to prevent the unrest, in particular by posting foreign regiments in and around the capital. Those measures proved unsuccessful, and even […]

Jefferson 1791

Thomas Jefferson reports on Bastille Day

The website of the National Archives posts this letter sent on July 19, 1789 by Thomas Jefferson, then Ambassador of the young United States to France, to John Jay, Secretary of Foreign Affairs. Jefferson, though not an eyewitness to the storming of the Bastille, reports on the event five days later. He wonders why the 5,000 […]

A Bastille Day review of Mistress of the Revolution

By Lezlie at Books’N Border Collies: As Gabrielle de Montserrat, a French aristocrat, pens her memoir, the reader gets not only the anticipated up-close-and-personal view of the French Revolution, but also grim reminders of the lack of control women had over their lives … (more). And Lezlie discovered Mistress of the Revolution after reading Eva’s […]