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Chateau of Anjony Auvergne

From the Convent to the ancestral Chateau…

Gabrielle de Montserrat, the heroine of my first novel, Mistress of the Revolution, is eleven years old. She has been raised first by her wet nurse, then by the nuns of the Benedictine Convent of Vic, in Auvergne. Her father has died, and she does not remember anything of her mother. Then one fine day, […]

And yet another review at Van Gogh’s Chair

When I said those reviews kept coming my way! I just discovered this one, titled France in Fiction, by Sheramy at Van Gogh’s Armchair. My Google Alerts were apparently asleep at the wheel and didn’t warn me of its existence, as they should have. I simply stumbled upon it while visiting Sheramy’s blog, as I […]