Salvator Rosa, painter of witches, bandits and allegories

Salvator Rosa, a 17th century Italian painter, should be better known. Judge for yourself…


Salvator Rosa: allegory of Poetry

Innovative, provocative, disturbing, haunting, macabre… one cannot remain indifferent to Salvator Rosa’s art. See for instance this allegory of Poetry. The dark palette, stark, almost neutral background, brooding expression of the model create a powerful image. So does this self-portrait of the artist as an allegory of philosophy.


Salvator Rosa: self-portrait as Philosophy

But Rosa by no means limited himself to allegories. The exhibition features many of his landscapes, biblical scenes or depiction of brigands. Rosa does not strive for the picturesque: he paints puny human figures at odds with a stormy, threatening nature, or ready to meet a gruesome fate at the hands of bandits.

One of the most striking pirctures in the show is this nightmarish Witches at their Incantations. Quite timely for Halloween…


Salvator Rosa: Witches at their Incantations

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