Rosina Lippi (Sara Donati) on the research that went into Mistress of the Revolution

Fellow author Rosina Lippi, known to historical fiction fans as Sara Donati for her acclaimed Into the Wilderness series, writes in her blog about Mistress of the Revolution and calls it “a great success.”

Apparently, one of the things that drew Rosina to my novel was the Resources page on my website. Indeed the French Revolution is a complex, chaotic chain of events and it brought to fruition ideas that had been simmering for decades. The amount of research required to write competently about that era is tremendous.

Of course, I read scholarly works, but my main emphasis was on eyewitnesses’ memoirs. I was spoiled in this regard: hundreds of memoirs were written about the Revolution, and many, beyond their historical value, are works of great literary merit.

Thank you so much for that endorsement, Rosina.

And happy Earth Day to all!

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