Reviews of Mistress of the Revolution

Delors Mistress of the Revolution

My publisher tells me the paperback sales look very good, and I want to tell you about more reviews.

In chronological order, we have Heather at Raging Bibliomania: “a very gripping story. The narrative never lost its focus or drive, but
remained compelling and interesting throughout… I although the book was lengthy, It
didn’t feel too weighty or dense. I really enjoyed the multi-layered
character portrayals and thought that the book was written with a great
skill and a unique style. As a work of historical fiction, I thought it
an unqualified success.”

Also the Harriet Klausner review I mentioned earlier appeared in The Best Reviews.

And last but not least, Mistress of the Revolution is the weekly feature at The Historical Novel Review. And, after posting a great review (“fabulous debut novel”) Lisa interviewed my protagonist, Gabrielle de Montserrat. This was, by the way, Gabrielle’s first interview…

Many thanks to Heather, Harriet and Lisa!

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