Notre-Dame de Paris

Whenever I speak to my English friends of my homesickness,
they seem to imagine that it is a general feeling of loss. They are novices in
terms of bereavement. To me homesickness is the recurrence, without warning or
apparent reason, of a precise image of my country. It changes from time to
time. These days, the figure of Notre-Dame with its flying buttresses, both
massive and graceful, keeps appearing.

So writes Gabrielle, the heroine of Mistress of the Revolution.

I, for one, can never walk by Notre-Dame without being moved
by its beauty, its strength, its grace. This is my favorite angle to admire the
Cathedral, from the neighboring Island of Saint-Louis to the East.

For music lovers, there is a free organ concert at
Notre-Dame every Sunday at 4:30. Hearing the giant nave fill with music, while
the eye is drawn to the jewel-like stained glass windows, is a unique
experience. More on the Cathedral on the site of the Diocese of Paris. It is in French, but the pictures speak for

Thanks to Anne Catros, dear friend of many years and schoolteacher
extraordinaire, for this shot taken during a grey, hazy, bitterly cold, and
altogether wonderful December weekend.

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