New name, new look, same blog!

Don’t run away! It’s still me. So what happened? Very simply, I had a talk with a new visitor, and it went about like this:

“Oh, your blog is for writers!” said that lady.

“No, not especially,” I answered. “Why do you say that?”

“Well, you have a fountain pen on the header, and your title is Writing with a foreign accent. So I assumed right away that it was all about the craft of writing.”

I was stunned: my new visitor was absolutely right!

So I went to work and deleted the fountain pen header that came with my blogging software. Then I cut a detail of the wonderful Stolen Kiss by Fragonard that graces the cover of Mistress of the Revolution and put it up there.  And I chose the blue of the title to match the color of the lady’s shoes. Sometimes I impress myself.

And for the title? Well, I liked the old one, of course, but I realized that most of my posts lately had revolved around Versailles. And the and more in the new title lets me speak of anything else. But don’t worry, I will continue writing with a foreign accent…

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