Mistress of the Revolution: the paperback is coming!

Catherine Delors Mistress of the RevolutionSo my publisher tells me. It will be printed in a few days!

Sometimes the paperback cover of a book can be quite different from that of the hardcover edition. This is not the case here, which suits me very well since using a detail of Fragonard’s wonderful Stolen Kiss as my first novel’s cover had been my idea.

Do you notice a subtle difference, though? The colors of the title and my name have been reversed. We had tried it for the hardcover, and I liked it a lot then, so now I am very happy to have this color combination for the paperback. Many thanks to Claire Zion, my editor at NAL, for supporting this idea.

What about you? Do you like this new cover better?

The paperback will hit a bookstore near you on March 3, and it is already available from Amazon for pre-order.

If you know of a book club that would be interested in chatting with me, I am available, and enjoy this tremendously. Nothing like live feedback from readers.

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