Merry Christmas!

To illustrate this Christmas Eve post, Boucher’s The Light of the World.

Boucher did not only treat light subjects, and this Nativity, with its subdued colors and peaceful atmosphere, is one of his more appealing works. See the expression on the face of the visiting child closest to Jesus. Here Boucher chose to emphasize the humble surroundings of the Holy Family, the down-to-earth gifts: chickens, eggs and a large pot of soup for the new mother. At the same time, light flows down from the heavens unto the manger. I will see this work in Tours, where it is currently displayed in the 18th Century Painting Exhibition.

Merry Christmas to all!

boucher lumiere du monde light of the world nativity

Also, please note that you may not hear much from me this coming week. I will be traveling to Tours and Bordeaux to share the joys of the season with my family. In the meantime, as you may have noticed, I reorganized the sidebar and added new headings and links. Hopefully this will help you (re)discover old posts, now neatly organized by theme. But I will report without fault come the new year. I have to tell you about the Tours show, to post book reviews, to complete the Daughters of Louis XV series (Mesdames Victoire, Sophie and Louise are patiently waiting for their own posts.)

Again my very best wishes to all of my online friends and readers!

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