Marie-Antoinette’s memorabilia: the auction results

Marie Antoinette Dress fragment

Marie Antoinette memorabilia dress fragment

The bidding was brisk, with much international interest, and the prices went far higher than estimated by Christie. The silk purse embroidered by Marie-Antoinette at the Temple sold for more than $133,000! This dress fragment, puce-colored, fetched $76,000.

Indeed it is Louis XVI, with his wry sense of humor, who coined the term puce (which means “flea” in French) to describe the color of some of Marie-Antoinette’s dresses.

That was years before the French Revolution, but she obviously loved that shade of light brown: she still wore it while jailed at the Temple.

To go back to the Christie’s auction, Chantal d’Orléans, daughter of the late Comte and Comtesse de Paris, was interviewed. “It wasn’t possible to divide all this,” she said. “These memorabilia should be in museums, they are for collectors.” One of her nephews stated that he was “sad to see all of this gone, but happy that it is selling well.”

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