Malware warnings on the blog

Dear Readers,

This past month has not been a happy time for this blog. I was hacked three times in two weeks while being hosted at Godaddy. At first Godaddy blamed its clients for using updated versions of WordPress, for having weak passwords, etc. Neither applied to me, or to most victims of the hacking. After the 3rd hacking, however, it became obvious to all concerned that these explanations were false, if not disingenuous, and that the security fault was within Godaddy itself. It sought to minimize the extent of the issue, and sent me, one week (!) after my complaint, an email stating it is working on it… Clearly not good enough. One would think that a company that has enough money to pay for tasteless and demeaning Superbowl commercials would put similar resources into the security of its clients and their visitors. Well, apparently not.

This left me with little choice. I moved away from Godaddy last week, after a thorough manual and automated cleanup of my files. However, as of this week-end, readers using Internet Explorer 8 as a browser are again alerting me to malware warnings when they visit my site. I had it checked by Sucuri Security, a company specializing in online security. Sucuri assures me the blog is totally clean and virus-free. Yet readers keep getting these messages… Apparently they are false positives, but I am determined to get to the bottom of this.

I will keep you posted as I get more information.

Thanks for being such faithful and engaged readers!


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