Interview at Writing the Renaissance, and many thanks for visiting

First I wish to thank Julianne Douglas, at Writing the Renaissance, for giving me the opportunity to answer her questions. Julianne, who has a Ph.D. in French literature, describes herself as “a writer of historical fiction desperately seeking a wormhole into 16th
century France.” My best wishes accompany her in this endeavor.

Several things brought us together: we both write French-themed historical fiction, though set in very different eras, and we share the same agent, Stephanie Cabot, of The Gernert Company. We also started our blogs around the same time.

I love Julianne’s blog for its writerly discussions. It has already attracted quite a following, as is apparent from the insightful comments that follow many of her posts. Go visit over there, and you might be hooked!

Since I chose roses to illustrate this post, this is an excellent opportunity to thank this blog’s readers, the faithful who have visited from the beginning, and the newcomers. I have seen a steady increase of the traffic here over the past few weeks. Please keep coming back!

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