Interview and giveaway results at Loaded Questions

Kelly has announced the winners of the giveaway she graciously hosted at Loaded Questions for Mistress of the Revolution. My congratulations to Katelyn, Gautami Tripathy, Claire Alley, Tisa and Todd!

I am honored to have now joined the prestigious club of authors interviewed by Kelly. She had questions no one else had asked me before, in particular regarding the chateau of Fontfreyde, the birthplace of my heroine Gabrielle.

Yes, the Fontfreyde of the novel feels real because it does exist. Kelly gave me the idea of using a picture of it. Here it is. For the full story, read my interview, and, while you are at it, you may check out the list of other authors who answered Kelly’s questions. I would be surprised if you did not find your favorite writers there.

Many thanks again, Kelly!

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