Happy Mother’s Day!

To celebrate the occasion, Virgin and Child, by Jan Gossaert, alias Jan Mabuse, or Jean de Maubeuge. It belongs to the collections of the Prado, in Madrid, but you can now admire it at The National Gallery of London, in the context of the magnificent exhibition dedicated to the painter.

Jan Gossaert: Virgin and child

Jan Gossaert Virgin and child

Gossaert stays away from traditional, static representations of the Virgin and Child, and show us Christ standing in His mother’s lap, and nuzzling up to Her. The artist mingles the Flemish tradition, with its use of vibrant colors, and elements of classical Roman architecture, memorialized by the marble columns in the background.

Note two of Gossaert’s trademarks: his virtuosity in the treatment of textures and fabrics (Mary’s hair, the embroidery on Her bodice, and the almost sheer veil) and his skill at expressing human emotion. See the sadness on the Virgin’s face and the tenderness of Christ’s gesture.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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