Golden Globe winner Marion Cotillard nominated for an Academy Award

All right, this post is a bit
off-topic, but after all it deals with another lady with a French accent.

I wanted to see La Vie en Rose, the film about the life of legendary chanteuse Edith Piaf,
but I don’t have time to go to the movies these days. So I watched it under the
worst possible conditions. On a plane, in cattle class, with my knees stuck
under my chin. I happen to be longer-legged than deemed normal by the good
people who design coach cabins.

Within moments I forgot all about the cramps in my thighs. I
was mesmerized by the film, by the very French contrast between the harrowing
brothel scenes and Piaf’s lifelong devotion to Thérèse of Lisieux
(Saint, Doctor of the Church and best-selling writer, all in one woman!) Soon I
was crying in my lousy airplane seat, and I almost never cry at movies.

To go back to Marion Cotillard, I had seen her in supporting
parts in Big Fish and A Very Long Engagement, and she doesn’t
even look like Piaf. But here she was Piaf. Of course, Cotillard lip-syncs in the movie. There was
simply no way around it. Piaf’s voice was so distinctly powerful that no one can
pretend to sing like her.

Great actress, great story, great movie. Go see it!

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