French paintings in New York: Poussin at the Met

When I visited the French Paintings Department of the Louvre a few weeks
ago, I looked for one of my favorites there, the beautiful set of the four seasons by
Poussin. Alas, it was incomplete. Summer, or Ruth and Boaz, was missing.

had already crossed the Atlantic and can be admired  until May 11 at the Poussin and Nature: Arcadian Visions exhibition at the Met.

Here it is, in all of its splendor. No wonder the central part of this painting was chosen for the exhibition poster.

Slate has put together a slide show of the exhibition, but you must watch at least part of the sponsor’s “brief” message. And beware: the quality of the reproductions is glaringly crude.

Believe me, Poussin’s paintings are stately and poetic, quietly stunning.

A treat for lovers of 17th century art.

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