For The King: the cover

The last version of For The King was indeed the final one. We are down to the copy edits of the manuscript. All on track for the summer of of 2010.

Now, on to the cover! We looked at many paintings from the late 18th and early 19th centuries, but nothing seemed to work. Most gowns were either white, and looked bland on a cover, or too ornate and static to fit the characters of novel.

I like the white script of the title. The prior version had other motifs around the middle of the title, and I found those reminiscent of catfish whiskers. The designer kindly went back to the drawing board.

Let me quote Erika Imranyi, my editor at Dutton: “We looked at it without the ornament, and felt the jacket really needed it to anchor the title. And then we tried some swirls that weren’t attached to the word, but they looked funny – like they were floating. The ornament in this version doesn’t look like cat whiskers like the last version does.”

What do you think?

For the King Catherine Delors

For the King Catherine Delors

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